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Wellness area of Astoria Sölden Ötztal

Pamper your body and soul in our "Vitality Oasis".
After a wonderful winter day or strenuous hike relax your muscles in one of the 4 saunas.

Finnish sauna in the pension Pension Astoria Sölden

Temperature: 90 degrees
Room climate: dry
infusion: Duration: 15-20 minutes

Stimulates the circulation and promotes the development of the body's own defenses.

Infrared cabin in the Pension Astoria

Release tension
Relieve back pain
Increase blood flow
Strengthen defense forces
Improve metabolism
Reduce stress and strain
Increase regeneration after physical exertion
promote purification and detoxification through intense sweating

Steam bath in the Pension Astoria

Temperature: 42-45 degrees
Climate: approx. 90 relative humidity
Duration: 15-20 minutes
Fragrance: Herbal / flower essences

Stimulates the metabolism. Cleans and vitalizes the skin. Increases general well-being.


Bio-Sauna in the Pension Astoria

Temperatur: 60 Grad
Luftfeuchtigkeit: 45
Dauer: 20 Minuten

Steigerung der Körperabwehr und regt den Kreislauf an.

Wellness - wellbeing - Ötzta

The wellness lifestyle concept aims at wellbeing, fun and good physical condition.

According to Ardell's understanding, wellness describes a state of well-being and satisfaction and consists of the factors of personal responsibility, nutritional awareness, physical fitness, stress management and environmental sensitivity. In line with this holistic approach, wellness can be understood as the harmony of body, mind and soul.